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Black Chocobo is a free FF7 Save Game Editor, written in C++ using Qt. This project started because every other save editor was lacking some feature(s). Beside being incomplete all were only for the PC version of the game.The goal of this project is to create a portable ff7 save game editor able to edit 100% of any ff7 save game.Black Chocobo uses some modified Jenova code. Thanks again for that Qhimm saved alot of time when starting the program.

Please Note This Guide is A Work In Progress The Info in here may range from version 1.3+. if you notice things that are incorrect please report them

Getting Started

Os Specific Info


Ubuntu/Debian Distros

On *buntu machines you can add the ppa by running one of commands below in a terminal.

Stable Releases

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sithlord48/ff7

Daily Builds

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sithlord48/ff7-daily

After adding the PPA you can install Black Chocobo with your Package Manager.
Users of other debian/ubuntu based distros should check the launchpad page for more info.

Non-Debian/Ubuntu Distros

Download/Extract the archive. There are two .sh scripts included. Use if you have kde or kdesudo (kdesu may work also) and kdialog. To use it just click on it and the dialog should prompt you with what to do.

As a fail safe you can use the script (terminal). You will need to run as root. This script will install and uninstall, at the prompt enter 1 to install 2 to remove. You will have to have Qt libraries installed (black chocobo is currently built with Qt 4.8.x). After install you may need to log out and back in to have proper menu entries (look in the game menu)

   Tip:Users of Kde 4.8.0+ should have the proper Qt libaries installed
   Tip:You may need to install libqt4-core and libqt4-gui packages.
   Can't Find the Program In the Menu? Use the command 'blackchocobo' to run it 
   Tip:Many File Browsers (dolphin/nautilus) have a F4 shortcut to open current path in a terminal


Download the installer and run it, black chocobo will be installed to the folder you select.

       Tip:select "Set Load Path = FF7 pc dir". To set the load pc save games path to <ff7 install\save>

Mac Os

Extract the .zip file and run the .mpkg file

General Info

Black Chocobo comes with the following files:

  • /lang (folder) - contains translation files
  • /samples (folder) - contains sample savegames (Optional)
  • Black_Chocobo - The Program
  • COPYING.TXT - License information
  • locations.rcc - Location Screen Shots (1.9.70 only)
  • save0 - the default save map for the unmodded game (versions < 1.9.6 only)
   Tip: Black Chocobo will attempt to guess your language based on you systems language settings
     you can override translation by selecting a language from the options menu (needs restarting of the program)
   Tip:On Mac Os the files are in
   Tip:the linux installer does not come w/ samples dl them here

Tabs Functions

The Party Tab


This tab allows the user to edit stats, equipment, materia, Gil and all the things related to the characters in the party. Just by clicking on one of the portraits, the program will show to the right all the values that can be changed of that particular character.

Detailed information

(1) Status Bar - Shows Opened File Current Slot and sometimes messages to the user (visible on all tabs)
(2) In Party - Changes the characters in your party. The same character can be set in more than one slot.
(3) Money Box - Modify Gil and GP at will. Max values are:

  • GP - 10000 (games max = 0xFFFF?)
  • GIL - 2147483647 (games max = 0xFFFFFFFF)

(4) Battles Box-This counts how many battles are fought (Battles) and how many fights are fled*(Runs). Max values are:

  • Battles - 65535 (games max)
  • Runs - 65535 (games max)

(5) Portrait Box - Loads the values of the selected character to the right menu by clicking on the image.
(6) Stats Tab - Secondary tab inside the party tab that allows the user to edit the following stats of the selected character:

  • (A) Character Name (Max 12 characters)
  • (B) Level (Current level of the character)
  • (C) HP current / max (edit MaxHp with BaseHp stat.) (cap=32767)
  • (D) MP current / max (edit MaxHp with BaseMp stat.) (cap=32767)
 Tip: Max Hp/Mp Are Calculated values. Base + Materia/Equipment Bonus
  • (E) Kills (How many monsters the character has slain)
  • (F) Total Exp (Shows total exp points earned)
  • (G) Status Changes (Fury and Sadness)
  • (H) Front Row (When checked character will be in front row during battle)
  • (I) Level Progress (Progression bar that emulates the in game one)+ Next (Number of exp points needed to level up)
  • (J) Limit uses (How many times a limit of a given level has been used)
  • (K) Character Limits Box - Activates or deactivates which limits are available for the character
  • (L) Limit Level (The level the limit that character will use, not to mix up with character limits)
  • (M) Limit Bar (Scrollable bar that goes from 0 to 255)
  • (N) Base Stats - Stats of the character(increases with leveling).
  • (O) Stat Bonus's - Hidden Stat Bonuses (Sources used).
  • (P) Materia/Equipment Changes To character stats; HP/MP are shown to the right of their base box.
  • (Q) Calculated Total Stat; Stat value used for most ingame calcuations
  • (R) Base Hp Use this to change Max HP modifier from materia shown on the right. (+34% in picture shown)
  • (S) Base Mp Use this to change Max HP modifier from materia shown on the right.(+66% in picture shown)
   Tip: If 'Calculate Stats' is on, the characters level and stats will be changed based on total exp.Total exp will change to reflect level if you input a level manually.
   Note: The game uses the same character data for Cait Sith and Young Cloud, 
Black Chocobo is able to change which character will be used by selecting the checkbox above the ID. Same happens with Vincent and Sephiroth.

(7) Equipment Tab - Secondary tab inside the party tab that allows the user to edit the weapons, armor, accessories and materia equipped.

  • (A) Weapon Box - The Characters Currently Equipped Weapon.
  • (B) Ap And Stat Changes for Equipped weapon
  • (C) Equipped Materia Box - Materia in Weapon, Click on a materia slot to edit.
  • (D) Armor Box - The Characters Currently Selected Armor.
  • (E) Ap And Stat Changes for Equipped weapon
  • (F) Equipped Materia Box - Materia in Armor, Click on a materia slot to edit.
  • (G) Accessory Box - The characters currently equipped accessory. (stat changes shown inline w/ Box title)
  • (H) Materia AP and Max Ap
  • (I) Level stars - Stars showing the level of the materia like in game, click on a star to take the materia up to that level.
  • (J) Materia skills - Shows the skills available for that materia at current level.
  • (K) Materia Type Selector - filter materia shown in (L) by type
  • (L) Selected Materia change this to edit the selected materia (the one with the box around it)
  • (M) Materia Stat Changes for selected Materia
  • (N) Elemental Info Provided by Equipment
  • (O) Status Info Provided by Equipment



Items are changed in this tab, everything that is held in the inventory, the key items and also the turtle paradise flyers. This tab is organized in three menus for each purpose.

Detailed information

  • (A) Inventory Box - Displays the items as seen in the in game inventory. To edit a slot just click on it and use the menu provided at the lower center.
   NOTE: Black chocobo can set the item quantity to 127, depending on the version of the game played a gfx glitch 
   may be seen when qty is set to 127.
  • (B) Turtle Paradise Flyers Collected Box - Toggles which flyers have been found in the game.
  • (C) Key items box - Toggles which key items have been collected in the game.
  • (D) Items menu - Dropdown menu to choose which item will be put into the selected slot.
  • (E) QTY - Set the quantity of the choosen item that will appear in the selected slot.
  • (F) Clear Slot button - Empties the selected slot.
  • (G) Add Max of all items button - Adds the maximum quantity (127) of every item in the game.
   NOTE: The previous items in the inventory will be erased in replacement of this list of all items.
  • (H) Clear ALL items button - Empties all the slots.
  • (I) Clear key items button - Unchecks every key item.

The Materia Tab


This tab allows the user to edit the materia that has not been equipped. By selecting a slot in the left menu, the user can change all the values listed in the center one.

Detailed information

  • (A) Party's Materia Stock box - This table shows all the unequipped materia in stock and the AP of each one. By clicking in a slot, the user can add (or remove) a new materia and choose its level with the central menu.
  • (B) Type filter - This menu allows to filter the materia list by type for an easier browsing.
  • (C) Materia list - The materia chosen from this list will be placed in the selected slot.
  • (E) Level stars - Stars showing the level of the materia like in game, click on a star to take the materia up to that level.
   Example: Selecting the fire materia and clicking on the second star will put 2000 AP on that materia
            and fire2 will be unlocked.
   Tip: Clicking in the first star will take the AP counter to 0 and clicking in the last one will master the materia
        (materia mastered by this process will not be cloned like in game).
  • (F) AP - Current AP in the selected materia.
  • (G) Master Points - AP needed for the materia to be mastered.
  • (H) Materia skills - Shows the skills available for that materia at current level.
  • (I) Materia stat changes - Shows the stats the materia will change once equipped.
  • (J) Clear materia slot button - Removes any materia in that slot.
  • (K) Adds one of each mastered materia to stock will be placed from bottom of list up replaces ANY materia in the lower slots.
  • (L) Remove ALL materia button - Removes the materia in all slots.

The Chocobo Tab


The Chocobo Tab allows you to edit items related to chocobo breeding and racing.

Detailed information

   Note: Currently does not allow copying between stables
  • (A) Stables Owned - Numbers of stables you have "rented" from chocobo Bill (0-6)
  • (B) Stables Occupied - Number of stables with chocobos in them.
  • (C) Stable Box - Check the checkbox to put chocobo in that slot (unchecked chocobos stables will be emptied).
    Tip: If you Enable a chocobo be sure to give it a name and stats since you will not be asked in game to name the chocobo.
  • (D) Name - Chocobo's Name.
  • (E) Type - Chocobo Type (yellow, blue, red, black , gold).
  • (F) Sex - the chocobo's sex.
  • (G) Run speed - the chocobos run speed normal/max vars.
  • (H) Sprint Speed - the chocobos Sprint Speed normal/max vars.
  • (I) Acceleration - the chocobos acceleration.
  • (J) Wins - number of races the chocobo has won (used to calculate rank).
  • (K) Stamina - how much stamina the chocobo has (item is 10x value shown in game).
  • (L) Fed? - we think this shows how many times you have fed the chocobo.
  • (M) CoOp - the cooperation value of the chocobo.
  • (N) Intel - how smart your chocobo is.
  • (O) Unable to mate - checked chocobos are unable to mate either they were just born or just mated recently.
  • (P) Personality - not much is known about this for now you can change it with the spin box but it is there to be monitored so we can learn how it works.
  • (Q) Fenced chocobos - The last menu of the tab offers a simple way to edit the chocobos fenced outside the stables.The four scrollable menus correspond to each of the four possible chocobos slots that can be fenced. Each Menu Contains a menu of the possible quality chocobos you can catch.

If no chocobo is wanted in a slot then select ‘empty’ from the list.

The Save Location Tab


This Tab allows you to set your field location and world map location as well as the location of several other items on the world map.

Detailed information

  • (1) Save Location Tab - This Tab Shows your "field" location.
  • (2) Worldmap Location Tab - This tab shows your location and location of other items on the world map.
  • (A) Field Save Point Table - Select a location to set your field save location. Will set the required items based on the entries for that location.
  • (B) Name - the name of the field location.
  • (C) MapID - the map id youre saved on.
  • (D) LocationID - field location ID.
  • (E) X - your x location on the field map.
  • (F) Y - your y location on the field map.
  • (G) Z - your z location on the field map (height).
   Note:Warping to some locations may force you to replay events based on you quest values.
   Tip: The location name can be any sentence as it will appear only in the save selection menu.
   Tip: Setting Location here will not change your world map location.
   Tip: The Location selection list is sortable, click on any of the columns title to sort by that column.
     This can save you a bit of time when selecting your desired location.

  • (1) Save Location Tab: This Tab Shows your "field" location.
  • (2) Worldmap Location Tab: This tab shows your location and location of other items on the world map.
  • (A) List Of Items that can be moved around on the world map
    Set X,Y,Z Angle To be placed and Model ID using the spin boxes.
   Tip: Each item only has one or two valid Model IDs do not change manually 
  • (B) This Combo Box Will allow you to change what models location the arrows (D)(y value) AND (E)(x value) are pointing to.
  • (C) This Combobox will allow you to change the model for an item on the map only shown for entries that we know the model id changes for.
   Tip: This box Will Be Added to more entries as the id's are discovered
   Tip: Some Models Might not be able to be loaded depending on your progress, this may cause some Models to be invisible. 
  • (D) Y Value Indicator: shows you the model (B)'s Y value.
  • (E) X Value Indicator: shows model (B)'s X value.
   Tip: Model (B) is located where D and E intersect.
   Tip: right click on the map to access a menu that allows you to place items on the world map.

The Game Progress Tab(NEEDS UPDATING)


This tab allows the replayability of some quests. Selecting a quest from the scroll menu (Select Mission) will set all the variables needed for it. There are four missions/events currently available: Bombing Mission, Cloud's Flashback, The Date Scene and Aerith's Death

Detailed information

  • (A) Main Progress Var - the main progress variable and under it the item in binary.
  • (B) Current Disk - the disk you are currently on.
  • (C) Bombing Mission progress - these spinboxes allow you to change the varibles associated with bombing mission, its recommended that you do not touch these items.
  • (D) Replay Mission Box - Changing the combo box will set your save up to replay the known events in the game. The game may crash or become stuck somewhere after your event. As more is known about how the events work the replays will work further into the game. Eventually selecting bombing mission should be equilvent to using the New game + option in the edit menu.
   Note: This tab is under development and it will create some instabilities in the game progress, 
         further options will be included as progress is made.
  • (E) Aeris_Turks - this is a helper variable for when you meet aeris in the chruch.
  • (F) Don_Progress - this is a helper variable that helps to control the progression of the Don Corneo mansion scene.

The Game Options Tab


Some of the in game configuration can be changed from this tab as well as other options not included.

Detailed information

  • (A) In-game Dialog Preview - Displays the color pallette chosen in (B).
  • (B) The Dialog Color Box - This changes the color of the dialog boxes like the in game option does.

  • The General Config Box - This menu has some in game options as well as not included ones:
  • (C) Sound mode - Change the sound from stereo to mono.
  • (D) Controller setting - Switches between the mapped controller scheme and the custom one.
  • (E) Cursor type - Sets the ‘hand’ to initial or memory.
  • (F) ATB style - Changes the battle system (active, recommended, wait).
  • (G) Camera - In battle the camera can be fixed or dynamic.
  • (H) Magic Order -this sets the order magic appears in the magic menu and during battle.
  • (I) Show battle target labels - Shoes the name of the enemies when selected.
  • (J) Show Battle help - Shows the box above the battle menu that displays general information.
  • (K) Show field help - Displays the hand and door marks when in field.
  • (L) Battle Speed - Slider that sets the speed of the turns in battles.
  • (M) Battle Message Speed - Slider that sets the speed of the messages in battles(i.e. Barret warning about Scorpion Guard’s tail).
  • (N) Battle Field Speed - Slider that sets the speed of the messages shown in field (i.e. speaking to people).

The Other Tab


This tab shows miscellaneous parts of the save game that do not really fit into another tab.

Detailed information

  • (A) Materia Stolen By Yuffie Box - This box shows what materia Yuffie will steal when the quest in Wutai triggers. Table is read only but you can use the button to empty slots.
  • (B) Allowed In PHS Box - Checked characters can be placed in the PHS Pool.
  • (C) Visible In PHS Box - Checked characters will be visible when in the PHS pool.
  • (D) Love Points Box - The love points are calculated to choose which of the four characters (Barret, Aeris, Tifa or Yuffie) will date Cloud. The maximun points a character can have is 255. The character with the most points when the scene triggers will be the one choosen for your “date”. Remember that your actions while playing change these values also.
  • (E) Coaster Shooter High Scores - sets 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the gold saucer mini game.
  • (F) Visible Menu Items - Checked items can be seen in the menu
  • (G) Locked Menu Items - Checked items will be disabled in the menu
  • (H) Time Played Box - This menu will change the timer displayed in the game menu (Max hours 4660)
   Note: Although the program can set up to 4660 hours, keep in mind that the game timer will stop updating in game at 99:59:59
  • (I) Materia Caves Empty - Check the boxes to make the materia in each cave disappear as the game will think they have already taken.
   Note: The materias checked simply disappear from the caves, they don't go to the materia menu.
  • (J) Mistery Ninja - Check the box to make Yuffie available for fighting at forests.
   Note: This feature needs further testing to know the game's behaviour.
  • (K) Region String - Shows the region string for the slot your viewing, use the combobox to change the slot (and save icon). Save icon on shows on formats that contain an icon (alway shows icon in the file).
  • (L) Weapons Killed - Checked weapons have been defeated.

The Test Data Tab


This Tab can be activated or deactivated under options->debug mode. It shows information related to values stored in the savegame file that we are not completely sure on how they work. These values should be edited w/ caution. Although this is mainly used during development, these options are for anyone who cares to look in to the save map. They also provide the "team" with a quick way to check some of the new values that will be later moved out to a non debug location.

Detailed information

  • (1) Misc Info tab - shows some stuff thats being looked at.
  • (2) Unknown Var Tab - This tab allows to you look at the "unknown" variables.

  • (A) Battle Love Points - The battle love points for the people shown.(not used in game?)
  • (B) Ultimate weapons hp - This menu edits the remaining hp of ultimate weapon.
  • (C) Bombing Mission Start - This Box is checked only at the start of bombing mission
  • (D) Tutorials Seen - Checked Tutorials will be marked as seen.
  • (E) Secret Chars Unlocked - Checked Chars are unlocked
  • (F) Count Down timer - how much time is left on the count down timer.
  • (G) Tut sub - the byte that the sub tutoral seen var is stored in to find more in that byte.
  • (H) 0xBD4 - this byte that contains all item mask bits only the 0x1 bit is known to be the potion on MD8_3 (right after you meet aeris the first time). The rest are unknown.
  • (I) 0xD83 - Flags for the train after you blow up sector 1 reactor. Known items noted.

  • (1) Misc Info tab - shows some stuff thats being looked at.
  • (2) Unknown Var Tab - This tab allows to you look at the "unknown" variables.

  • (A) Unknown Var - Select the unknown var's info to populate table (B) with.
  • (B) Table Will Show the Contents of each byte of unknown var (A in) several different ways. You can change any byte by changing its dec value.
  • (C) Compare Slot - selected slot will be compared to current slot. Will show the var (A) for slot (C) in table(D).
  • (D) Table will show contens of unknown var (A) in slot (C) in several different ways
 Tip: diff's will be highlighted in yellow to easily identify 
  • (E) Show all z Diffs - this button will populate table (F) with the diff of table (B) and table (D). For each unknown varaible, the diff amount will be shown in decimal and binary (bug here quint16, negitive diffs are ugly values).

Working With Save Files

Opening and Saving

Covers Basic File Types and Info on them

Filetypes Black Chocobo Can Read/Write

Black Chocobo will open the follow file formats

  • PC FF7 save format (*.ff7) (1.9.8 + Recommended for New FF7 PC)
  • Raw Psx saves.
  • Memory Cards used by several PSX emulators.(*.mcd *.mcr *.mc *.mci *.ps *.psm *.dff *.bin)^
  • Virtual Memory Card Format Used By The PS3 Internally (*.VM1)^
  • Virtual Game Station Card Format (*.vgm *.mem)^
  • Dexplorer Format.(*.gme)^
  • PSP save format.(*.vmp)^* (more info)
  • PS3 Exported save format .(*.psv)* (more info)
  Tip: when loading psx or psv files the region will be guessed based on the file name so if its incorrect you can fix it in the slot ->region menu
   Tip: Always save your edited save game as a new file,it is possible to break saves if you are careless
   with the values you use.
  Tip: Black Chocobo v1.5 and lower does not write mcr header data, 
   new slots will not have header data, if you have 1.5 of lower please upgrade.
   Tip: Black Chocobo 1.9.7+ will attempt to edit your metadata.xml file if its found in the same location as your pc format save.
   Be sure to load/save/export saves to/from a Folder "User_<numbers>". 1.9.7 does this wrong please upgrade to 1.9.8+
  ^ formats are Virtual Memory Card Formats(see the section Virtual Memory Cards for more info)
  * these files can be saved but the signature is not updated. 
   if your psp/ps3 does not run custom firmware that ingores the signing of saves then you can't directly import these saves back after editing. 
   if a psp/ps3 is what your trying to play on please see the FAQ for a workaround.

Virtual Memory Card (VMC)Formats

Black Chocobo Can Handle many "Virtual Memory Card" Formats, any file that pretends to be a memory card for an emulator is a Virtual Memory Card format.These include: mcd,mcr,mc,dff,ps,psm,gme,vgm,mem,vmp,VM1. there are a few things to note about these types of saves.

  1. They might contain non FF7 save games.
  2. They all have region data that can be changed by Black Chocobo (per slot)
  3. If you attempt to load a non ff7 slot you will be prompted with a dialog of choices export psx will use the region name to save a raw psx save for the slot this is useful if you want to move a save from an emulator to a real psx memory card. You can also do very basic editing of non ff7 saves.
   Tip: While you can edit non FF7 saves this function is very limited and maybe improved in a future release.

Importing And Exporting

Black Chocobo allows you to import and export slots and save files

Importing Saves

You Can Import A PSV or PSX slot in to your currently loaded save game.

below is an example of how to import a psx save into a pc save game slot:

  1. under the file menu, open your pc ff7 save
  2. use the slot menu to select the slot you wish to import the psx save to
  3. under the file menu select import->psx save. and select the psx save you wish to import
  4. save your ff7 pc save.

Exporting Saves

You can export PC/PSX/MC/VGM and DEX save games

  • Exporting a Single Slot Format(PSX or PSV) Will make that save out of currently displayed slot.
  • Exporting PC: will save all Detected FF7 slots in the save. Non FF7 Slots Will be Ingored.
  • Exporting MC,VGM or DEX: Only slots w/ region data will be written, this includes NON FF7 Saves. If don't want to export a slot simply clear its region data.
 Tip: psx/psv saves are assumed as exported from the psx/ps3 this string is based on region and
must match your copy of ff7 in order for the game to see the file(s).
 Tip:If doing a PSX/PS3 -> PC converion slot 1 will be occupied in the pc save the rest will be empty.

Working With Cloud Saves (2012 and Steam Versions)

Be sure to have Black Chocobo 1.9.8+. When using these formats make sure that FF7 is not running while editing the files. Open your Save as normal and save. Your metadata.xml should be updated automaticly. if you need to import items (like other saves) you should use "Create Cloud Save".

Importing and Exporting characters

Under the import and export menus there is an option to export/import current character.

  • Imported character will replace the character currently being viewed.
  • Exported character will be the character being currently viewed
   Tip: don't place characters in the wrong slot (i.e put cloud in barrets slot)the game will usually ingore the id change and use the stats.

Slot Actions

Basic Actions

Black Chocobo can do the following basic actions on slots.

  • Copy Current Slot to Buffer
  • Paste Current Slot From Buffer
  • Clear Slot (includes region data)
  • Change Slot Region
   Tip: copy a slot, then load a new file and paste that slot in to one of its slots. that works.

Advanced Actions

More Advanced Features That require some explaining.

New Game

Under the edit menu you might notice an entry called New Game. With this Option you can the current slot to be the "default" save. The default save can also be configured by selecting a new save for it in the Directories dialog. there are few things you should know about this function

  1. when used if no file is loaded you can only export to the format you want, but you will be able to make other slots as well (normal export rules apply)
  2. if a file is loaded it will just make the current slot default
  3. if you want to customize the default save you can use the set directorys dialog and select any psx type save(use export psx to make one if the one u want to use is in another format)

New Game+

new game plus will take the slot you are looking at and make it a new game + . it will merge your saves chars, items, materias, chocobos gil, fights, runs. and gp in to a New Game. durring this process it will save a char file for both cait sith and vincent. these .char files are to be loaded after those chars rejoin you in a new game. do no readd them after the flashback since the chars stats for those slots remain young cloud or sephiroth untill cait / vincent join the party.

Calculate Stats

This Option (enabled by default) Sets for your character total exp, level , level progress, next well as providing stat changes for leveling up (or down).Each item will be cacluated when you change a characters total exp or level. this also shows the the materia/weapon/armor/accessory stat changes.

   Tip:Use caution when using this to level down 
   Tip:The Data used is based on the Stock FF7 kernel. if you use a non stock kernel you should disable this feature.

Options Dialog

The Options Dialog contains the options for the program.
File:Options dialog.png
Set your default open path,ff7 pc path , emulator paths, char export path and file to use in place of the "default" save.
You can change the applications font and select a font size from 8-14 points


Please See the FAQ section


Gpl Info

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <>


  • See programs about box for full credits.
  • User Guide By: Eslava & sithlord48
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