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The Party Tab


This tab allows the user to edit stats, equipment, materia, Gil and all the things related to the characters in the party.Just by clicking on one of the portraits, the program will show to the right all the values that can be changed of that particular character.

Detailed information

note:black chocobo will look native on your machine.

(1) In Party - Changes the characters in the main group, those who fight. The same character can be set in more than one slot. (2)Money Box - Modify Gil and GP at will. Max values are:

  • GP - 10000 (games max = 0xFFFF?)
  • GIL - 999999999 (games max = 0xFFFFFFFF)

(3)Fights Box-This counts how many fights are fought(Battles) and how many fights are fled*(Runs). Max values are:

  • Battles - 65535 (games max)
  • Runs - 65535 (games max)

(4) Portrait Box - Loads the values to the right of the selected character by clicking on the image.
(5)Stats Tab - Secondary tab inside the party tab that allows the user to edit the following stats of the selected character:

  • (A) Character Name (Max 12 characters)
  • (B) Level (Progression bar that emulates the in game one)
  • (C) HP current / max (cap=32767)
  • (D) MP current / max (cap=32767)
  • (E) Kills (How many monsters the character has slain)
  • (F) Experience (Shows current exp and needed to level up)
  • (G) First Row (When checked character will be in front row during battle)
  • (H) Status Changes (Fury and Sadness)
  • (I) Limit Level (The level the limit that character will use, not to mix up with character limits)
  • (J) Limit Bar (Scrollable bar that goes from 0 to 255)
  • (K) Limit uses (How many times a limit of a given level has been used)
  • (L) Base Stats Box - The stats which the character starts with.
  • (M) Stat Bonus Box - Hidden Stat Bonuses Such as Sources used.
  • (N) Character Limits Box - Activates or deactivates which limits are available for the character
   Tip: the Next Value is not used in game, all level vaules are based on EXP gained

(6)Equipment Tab - Secondary tab inside the party tab that allows the user to edit the weapons, armor, accessories and materia equipped.

  • (A) Weapon Box - The Characters Currently Equipped Weapon
  • (B) Armor Box - The Characters Currently Selected Armor
  • (C) Equipped Materia Box - Materia in Weapon/Armor, Click on a materia slot to edit(eskills can be edited here as well) the clear button will clear the slot and the M button will master the materia selected
  • (D) Accessory Box - characters equipped accessory.

The Items Tab


Items are changed in this tab, everything that is held in the inventory, the key items and also the turtle paradise flyers. This tab is organized in three menus for each purpose.


  • The Inventory,shows and changes your inventory slots. To do this, just click on a slot and selecting an item from the list will change it. The Qty counter changes how many items will be in that slot (cap=127)
   Black chocobo can set the item quantity to 127, depending on the version of the game played a gfx glitch 
                         may seen when qty is set to 127.
  • The Delete Slot button will erase any item in a selected slot.
  • The turtle paradise flyer toggles what flyers have been found in the game.
  • The key item menu toggles which key items have been collected in the game.

The Materia Tab


This tab allows the user to edit the materia that has not been equipped. By selecting a slot in the left menu, the user can change all the values listed in the right one.


When editing, a slot can be emptied with the empty materia slot button. For an easier browsing, there is a filter option available that will filter by category (color) the complete list of materia. When a materia is selected, the game’s system of stars will be shown. The AP can be increased manually or by clicking on the desired star, this will put the necessary AP for that materia to be in that level.

   Example: Selecting the fire materia and clicking on the second star will put 2000 AP on that materia
    and fire2 will be unlocked.
   Tip: Clicking in the first star will take the AP counter to 0 and clicking in the last one will master the materia
    (materia mastered by this process will not be cloned like in game).

Information Boxes

The two boxes below contain information about the selected materia, the first one shows the abilities unlocked by level and MP cost if there is any. The second box shows how the materia changes the stats of a character when equipped.

Enemy Skill Menu

When selecting the Enemy Skill materia, a third menu will pop up. This menu allows the user to add or delete any of the 24 enemy skills. The master button will add all the enemy skills and the clean button will delete them.

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