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Os Specific Info


Download/Extract the archive for your platform either i386 (32-bit) or amd64(64-bit). users of any gnu/linux system will have to have Qt libarys installed (black chocobo currently built with Qt 4.6.2)

   Tip:Users of Kde version 4.4.2 or higher will have the proper Qt libarys installed already
Tip:Ubuntu users will need to install libqt4-core and libqt4-gui packages.


Download the installer (its just a self extracting archive) and run it, black chocobo will be extracted to a sub folder wherever you run the installer.

Mac Os

Extract the .zip file and run the .app file

   Tip: Mac os version of black chocobo has the lang folder in the .app package located in /contents/macos/

General Info

Black Chocobo comes with the following files:

  • /lang (folder) - contains translation files
  • /samples (folder) - contains sample savegames
  • Black_Chocobo - The Program
  • COPYING.TXT - License information
   Tip: Black Chocobo will attempt to guess your language based on you systems language settings
you can override translation from english by removing the lang folder.

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